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With love for wood

We are a traditional Czech company WOOD 4 EVER with years of experience in the production of solid wood furniture. Our affection for wood and detail, combined with technical knowledge and experience make us the masters in the field.

From the floor to the roof – wood forever

  • Massive furniture made from the variety of wood species including Oak, Pine, Cherry and Walnut, new or old. We can also source other based on your request.
  • We are great listeners, as well as doers, and will always ensure you are 100% satisfied
  • We pride ourselves on quality, honesty and reliability. We honestly care about every job we make, genuinely committing ourselves to deliver an excellent service with outstanding craftsmanship.


Precision and quality from design, through production to assembly.

Individual approach to each customer and piece of furniture.

Wooden furniture using traditional woodworking techniques.

Always ensure you are fully satisfied.

Great doers, as well as listeners.

Tailor-made interiors.


 From our youth, we have shared a common passion for wood. Most of our team started in the workshop of Petr Schwab in the late nineties. With rich experience and many customer realizations behind, we have decided to fulfil our dream of own carpentry. 

Our mission is to show that wood is a living, amazing material from which you can make unique pieces of furniture, that will accompany you through a whole life. We believe in using traditional methods and way of processing that was mastered by preceding generations.

Solid wood furniture has its energy. When you touch it, you can feel the unique structure of the wood. We are convinced, you will also fall in love and will want it at your home.

And why solid wood furniture?


Purely natural material

Due to its inimitable structure and colour, it is a popular material worldwide. Its possibilities of use are very wide - both in interiors and exteriors.


Our massive furniture is a guaranteed original crafted with precision. Allow yourself to be surrounded by the material in which the present day blends together with past. Each piece of furniture that passes through our hands is unique.

The spirit

Each of our furniture is built by a single woodworker using time-honoured joinery techniques to create masterful pieces in a variety of modern and traditional designs. Your product is made with care, skill, high-quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship.

Creates the unique interior with an extraordinary atmosphere

We are ready for you to make cabinets, table desks, chests of drawers and other pieces of furniture that will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your restaurant, cafe or home. The high focus is paid to both appearances as well as functionality.

Need advice? We will be glad to help you.

Do you wonder what it is to be surrounded by natural materials? Leave us a message with your idea of new furniture and we will contact you.

Our unique pieces come to life in a modern design with roots in history that will survive for many generations. You can expect extraordinary, quality and precision work, perfect finish with the highest quality products, individual approach.

We will be happy to advise you and make the best solution for you.